Write52 Intro

October 12, 2019

I'm taking the plunge with my writing and photography and having a bash at Write52 on Twitter. So if you've found me through this Twitter group, here is a short and sweet intro!

My name is Nick Lewis and I'm a freelance web developer who also writes normal words and does a lot of photography and stuff. I love nothing more than to curate interesting things about the places I visit often and once in awhile. So this material pretty much steers my writing and blogging. That is pretty much what goes on here on this website.

I'm based in Hampshire, UK where I live with my Wife and cat. Our two grown up kids have all left home and starting their own families. So many adventures to come.

I'm now planning what to write over the coming weeks. I will sometimes post in the week too if I've enough material to publish, especially if we've been doing some on location photography which happens a lot. I shall also write about freelancing itself and share some business advice to keep this varied.

Let's give this a shot!

I am a freelance web developer, content creator and photographer, who is on a mission to help businesses and individuals build solutions for their online world.