Site Planning (private)

October 10, 2019

This page is going to work differently to the others in that it can and will bubble back to the top from time to time.

coSchedule, Buffer or others

I currently mostly use Buffer for scheduling posts

SM Platforms

  • twitter

    • multiple accounts
  • fb

    • multiple pages
  • insta

    • multi
  • linkedin
  • pinterest

Post frequency

  • start with weekly posts that go out on Saturday mornings

    • posts are re-sent periodically after this

      • 1 week later
      • 2 weeks later
      • 3
      • 4
      • added to evergreen

Post timing

Writing posts with SM in mind

Write posts that engage people



Hashtag days

coSchedule my archive material

  • photos and blog

    • set many to being evergreen

Review requeued items

  • there are potentially 245 ones that could be made evergreen

Matching photos and blog templates up

  • same grid
  • cover photos to be shown where exist
  • using the new component in markdown feature add

    • youtube
    • photo galleries

List my tags

  • the tags are used to generate tag pages
  • links to these tag pages should be added to the homepage under little card style divs
  • the tags are as follows

    • code
    • photography
    • hampshire, surrey, england
    • gardens, plants, flowers, wisley
    • Journal
    • August
    • business
    • accountancy
    • interview
    • luminar, software
    • AI, web, development
    • DJI, drones, mavic, aerial
    • CMS, sanity, headless
    • ipad,ipados
    • workflow, productivity,
    • kidney, transplant diary, health
    • SEO, Google
    • planning
    • Content
  • dont' want tooooo many tags just generalist ones
  • tags could help define when certain posts get promoted on social??

    • Photography challenges could go out on fridays

photo sales

different areas on site

  • varied templates

Non date paths

  • Some posts will not include a date in their path, such as this page ideally

    • URLs should be permalinks on this site
    • changing the path or name of a post URL will break Disqus

switch off editorial mode in N CMS

Yes this is causing me some trouble and don't need the complexity either, just use published flag instead

tim and I

draw a circle around tims head in sanity to ensure he isn't chopped in half :-(


Yarn upgrade interactive

Install netlify CMS on jazz site


sitemap generation