This Moment in History

July 28, 2020

This Moment in History

2020 has been a year like no other, as none of us alive today will have ever encountered any of the goings-on we’ve been experiencing so far this year. So many of us have been locked-down with people like myself “shielding” and seeing very little of the outside world.

This week many of us shielders will be able to go about our lives again, albeit with the same measures in place as everyone else. The need to wear masks, keep social distance effecting us all in equal measure.

However for some people, they never stopped, they were allowed flexibility given the fact they have been helping others, which is set to continue for the foreseeable future. Many of these people are volunteers, a band of lovely people delivering help and assistance to those most in need. All of whom have been working flat out.

This project revolves around these great individuals and with the aid of a local journalist and two photographers, one of whom will work in tandem with the journalist who is interviewing the volunteers and the other capturing the mementoes of the times in both Farnborough and Aldershot (which collectively form the borough of Rushmoor).

That "other photographer" is me!

Here are some of the images I've captured so far and I will add more to this article as I get them...

1m or 2m? You decide but it seems that most businesses and local authorities (including myself) prefer 2m for reassurance's sake!

Recently it has been noticeable how quiet car parks are, as more people work from home and people have taken to walking to the shops instead.

Rushmoor Borough Council needed some photos that documented the hand-sanitisation stations located at various strategic points throughout the town centres. I am on a mission to find more of them.

Every shop across the land has adopted social-distancing in various smart ways and we've been impressed with the clarity in which the information has been delivered. I can imagine many copywriters and designers being hyper-busy helping them produce these excellent posters.

All public places now need to be pre-booked, no matter who they are. We have seen such systems introduced to restaurants, gardens, libraries and museums across the UK. Farnborough and Aldershot have been no exception.

The Rainbow has become the symbol of hope for everyone, especially those on the front-line of healthcare, plus many others who have helped us all stay as safe as we possibly have been able to.

I loved the way the black and white graphic design of this tattoo statue blends with the light and shadow. Then I saw the sign! Oh how I laughed my head off! Great to see humour (or is it intended to be a bit more serious than I am giving it credit for?) during these gloomy hard to comprehend times.

Tina is demonstrating the one-way system here, I love the intentions but will people really adhere to the flow system? Who knows...

More to come and I shall update the article when I have some more :-)

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