Why I like to think in cafes

December 11, 2019

Today I’m eating cake and drinking latte at a cafe in the middle of nowhere but it’s busy here. I’m people watching and earwigging conversations. I’m trying to guess what people here do, that’s fun. Most of them are retired just by their age group but some are younger like myself. That guy in the corner, could be a freelance techie just like me? He looks the part. I write this with amusement because I’ve escaped my usual environment and feel liberated. My words feel less confined since they fly out of my fingers and do a little loop the loop before settling down on the page. Well they don't really of course but that silly little thought amuses me.

I notice the "nosey" old couple next to me. The old gent tuts at people tapping away on their phones (especially me writing this). Why do I think they are nosey? They were having one of those conversations that only a couple who’ve been together for so long can have, the wife killing the conversation her husband is trying to make with silence and avoiding eye contact with him or anyone else. The poor old chap being left to deliver his own monologue to nobody else other than himself. They get up to leave. I feel relieved because they kept staring at me and everyone else and smiling at random people, something that creeps me out. The older generation are wonderful, as they are far more carefree and seem less introvert. Maybe us Gen X folk are just a bit uptight? or maybe it is just me?

My mind has clearly drifted but that’s good. I have to do this sometimes. I don’t do it enough. To lose myself in the wilderness of other people’s irrelevant conversations helps detach my mind from its shackles and run a little bit wild itself. Imagining what people do for a living can be silly and fun. Bearded? Must be a designer. Ruddy cheeked? Must be a butcher!

Life recently has been drowned in too much noise and I am trying to find a rhythm once more. It gets you down and that is the reason this week I’ve taken the week off. Nobody is making sense around me and I’ve started to lose it a bit. Never good.

Walks are of course great to help you blow away the cobwebs and find new angles for so much. So apart from doing some Christmas shopping this week which I’m actually relishing this year because it is in itself something different and entertaining. I never thought I’d say that but Christmas is good.

However now Is the perfect time to refine my plans and I do this using a tool called Notion. Have you come across it? This reminds me of some posts I should write about the tools I use and that you could find handy.

That latte and gluten free carrot cake has helped and I feel a whole lot better. Cafes are the perfect tonic for impending madness!!

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