The story behind the picture - Bride and Groom

October 25, 2019

I am finding it a bit quiet at this time of year with less time and lack of decent weather for productive photography, so what I thought would be nice to do is embark on a little bit of a curation exercise.

Sony A7R3 * ISO 125 * 42mm * 1/100th * f5.6
Sony A7R3 * ISO 125 * 42mm * 1/100th * f5.6

Let's start with this one, taken in Rome, Vatican City.

It was a funny day weather wise, as it didn't really know what it wanted to do, there was rain, wind and not an awful lot of sun. The only slightly "off day" we had whilst in Rome but it made for a cooler more comfortable walking day. We covered a lot of ground on this day and our feet hurt by the time we sat down to eat that evening.

We had arrived in time (unexpectedly) to witness the Pope's address on this particular Wednesday and that was something truly special. We are not Catholic (nor particularly religious) but you needn't be to feel the raw emotional power of the masses who had congregated there that day. We were amongst so many different nationalities, it felt like a unique festival yet unbeknownst to us at the time, it's a regular fixture.

Above all else it was also a photographer's dream come true with so many things going on, the subject matter was a plentiful bounty to feast my lenses upon. I just didn't know which way to look which accentuated that sense of being amidst a carnival event and then within minutes of the "General Audience" ending, the crowds dispersed, the security guards vanished and the men with their self stick stalls returned!

We couldn't help but notice the ebb and flow of wedding couples, brides and grooms, hundreds of them. The amusing thing was they all seemed to be in a hurry! That is what caught my eye and so I took my shot. Editing was minimal in Lightroom with the black and white conversion plus a little bit of curve tweaking.

Can anyone solve the mystery of why we saw so many wedding couples that day? Is it a regular thing in Rome? How can so many people be getting married on the same day, same time? Or had they already been married and getting a blessing at the Vatican?

Next week...

I've got more posts like this one up my sleeve, plenty of archive material to share. Incidentally if any one of you would like to purchase a print, let me know. I'm also writing some tutorial posts and thinking of organising a photowalk soon or if not this year maybe we can leave it until Spring.

Next week - "The Story Behind the Video", it's a good one!

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