The Kench, Hayling Island is a 6-hectare (15-acre) Local Nature Reserve on Hayling Island in Hampshire. It is owned by Hampshire County Council and managed by Hampshire Countryside Service. It is part of Chichester and Langstone Harbours Ramsar site and Special Protection Area, Solent Maritime Special Area of Conservation and Langstone Harbour Site of Special Scientific Interest.

This site on the south shore of Langstone Harbour is an area of saltmarsh and intertidal mud. Birds use the mud as a feeding area at low tide and roost on a shingle ridge during high tide.

We observed quite a few birds in the area including a small Heron-Egret trio who were hunting for fish together on the shoreline at mid-tide. The previous weeks of immense heat having given way to a contrasting gusty day with occasional violent showers and as a result dramatic clouds backlit by sunlight with more than just a hint of autumn chill. We upped our pace from casual saunter to brisk to verging on jog.

The light was beautiful and the rain clouds gathered ominously overhead, full of threat but thankfully little action, for we were still dressed for the summer. Determined to brave the cooler day like the mad fools we were!