Fotomoto: Featured Artist of the Day

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Having just woken up (well that was an hour ago), eating some breakfast, waking up with a nice strong cup of tea, I check my email and am delighted to read one from Fotomoto to notify me that today I am their featured artist. I only wrote about them the other day in my previous blog entry. So if you have come to this site via Fotomoto and have never been here before, welcome and nice to meet you! Please take a look at the gallery pages and tuck into the blog entries, stick around for as long as you like.

Anyway better be off – Doing a wedding shoot today!

Nfolio – Photography critique

Nfolio is a website that I launched ages ago and for many years it was
immensely popular, then it took a little bit of a slump thanks to,
well, lets not blame anyone shall we? Anyway it is now picking up
again and I am considering getting it off the ground once more by not
so much changing it but taking a different approach to promoting it.
Just imagine a global camera club without the judges or the people who
tell you how you should do it because they know so much better?!
Nfolio critique is all about being polite to other and above all
constructive in your feedback. It costs just ?3.50 per month to
subscribe to, you can also do it quarterly. I shall be writing more
here about it, as its back on my agenda after a long period of


[image title=”Brightkite” size=”thumbnail” id=”1425″ align=”left” linkto=”viewer” ]Thanks for inviting me to Brightkite whoever you are. It certainly is an interesting concept but I am struggling to find a real use for it over the other social tools I currently use. In my mind there are only so many of these Web 2.0 apps that one can use at any single time. It can become confusing and you can reach a stage of meltdown if you are not too careful.

What exactly is Brightkite I hear you say?

The idea is simple, it enables users to “check in” at the locaton they are currently located at. So lets say you have just walked into a cafe off of Tottenham Court Road in London, you can “check in” there and find out who is nearby and likewise people can see you – unless you are running in Private mode, in which case only “friends” can see where you are. Read more