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I just took a light amble through my media library here on the website and there is a heck of a lot of stuff here in my archives. It is quite amazing really. I should add more and more and more. I am sure there is a load of stuff missing and I may challenge myself to take loads more new photos for these pages. I urge you to do the same 🙂

QUIZ: Can you identify the places in these photos? Ok some of are impossible but I do know where they were all taken!

New Gallery: 30 images of Campania

Sorrento Sunset over the Bay of Naples
Sorrento Sunset over the Bay of Naples

I am delighted to announce that a new feature gallery has gone live dedicated to Campania, Italy. Many of the images have already featured on my photoblog site Journog. The images were all taken in and around Sorrento, Positano and Herculaneum. Currently a selection of 30 images are available for your perusal but more may be added in the future. We will no doubt go back again at some point within the next few years.

All images may be purchased as prints, cards or sent to friends as e-cards (which are free).

I have long been toying with the idea of producing a book on the area, which I may well do at some point in the future. If this is something you’d be interested in, let me know. I will most definitely be working on book projects in the future in any case.

To visit the new gallery go to

Intarsia – The art of Italian Inlaid Wood

Music boxes made of Inlaid Wood (Intarsia)
Music boxes made of Inlaid Wood (Intarsia)

Sorrento is famed for it’s inlaid wood craft-work, a craft known as Intarsia. These products can be found worldwide, you may have spotted them in stately homes that have an Italian influence, in which the family of the time may have travelled far and wide to choose the exquisite furnishings for their home. These objects of beauty are often priceless and if put up for auction would fetch many thousands… Read more

The Italian love for football

Sunday morning football
Sunday morning football

I am watching the World go by under my feet, quite literally as it happens for we are two storeys up from Via Califano that runs beneath our hotel balcony. Right opposite where I am standing is the sports ground and home of Sorrento Calcio, the local football team. A family (I assume them to be as such) are seated in one of the stands at pretty much the same level as myself chatting to eachother, as the team play on the pitch. I can’t make out whether it is just a practice session or a small scale match, however there aren’t many other people present.

Italia football shirts
Italia football shirts

Football is a game that so many are passionate about the World over. In Italy the passion runs strongly through the veins of it’s people. Italy are of course the reigning World Champions and the country is preparing to defend this title in 2010 for the World Cup will be taking them and many other nations to Africa to battle it out. When we visited Italy last time, it was 2006 and we had missed the celebrations by a couple of months. Football mania was still evident as the streets still showed signs of celebrations, old banners had just been left to fade in the sun and tee-shirts adorned many shopfronts.


Cattedrale di Sorrento

La Cattedrale di Sorrento

On this occasion the sun was out, the temperature a nice 30 degrees and time to use the good old polariser on my lens. However when I first discovered this particular location, it was very different indeed.

Two days earlier…

They say – “when it rains it pours” – We discovered the archway during a lightning storm and at the time, I made a mental note to come back in order to photograph this image on a nicer day. We had been walking back from Marina Grande, the old harbour of Sorrento when the storm that had been rumbling around the coast all morning, suddenly decided to pick on Sorrento and seemingly, us. We reached the Cathedral and then the heavens opened up and the thunder roared like a bad tempered lion. We weren’t the only ones, for many people decided to take refuge under the archway. People were darting into the cover, some braving the storm with makeshift umbrellas made out of anything but actual umbrellas. Local storekeepers were grabbing raincoats from their cellars to put up for sale, we bought two, Tina a lovely yellow and I opted for one that I could best describe as being “Kermit Green”. We looked a right pair but we didn’t care for we were walking past scores of other people in exactly the same raincoats!

Welcome to Sorrento!

Preparations being made for a Sorrento wedding

Mandolin music emanates from an inviting and yet to be explored street. We take it, inquisitive to discover for ourselves what the cobbled, narrow street has to offer. Tall medieval buildings protect us from the strong late morning sun that beats down on the old city, illuminating the laundry that spans the street high above our heads. Voices can be heard, muffled from deep inside the buildings and two women on opposite balconies are having an animated conversation with each other about who-knows what. It seems as if they are having an argument but I cannot tell. Read more

Buongiorno Sinori. Comesta?

We returned yesterday from a fabulous trip to Sorrento Italy. Great to see the weather here in the UK is good albeit a bit fresher than what we’ve become accustomed to recently. I have stacks of material (as in photos and writing) to publish here on the blog and also. So more to come later….

The subject of this email translated to English is – “Good day ladies and gentlemen, how are you?”. If you are feeling good, you’ll say, “Bene, grazie, e lei?”, which means, “Fine thankyou, and you?”.

Sorrento on my mind

Our big trip of the year is looming closer and we are getting very excited, in fact painfully so at times. In just around 5 weeks time (it may be 6 but sod it) we’ll be heading for Gatwick at a crazy hour of the morning but I don’t care for the trip ahead is more than worth it. Our flight touches down in Naples around lunchtime and then we make our way along the Sorrentine coast to Sorrento. There we shall be based for 2 luxurious weeks. I will be taking my camera and a maximum of 3 lenses. Flight restrictions these days are difficult as you’ll know.

Read more

Overcast day? Look down!

Italian deckchairs (click on image to enlarge)
Italian deckchairs (click on image to enlarge)

Overcast days needn’t put a complete dampener on your photography, as photo opportunities are still there to be taken. My best piece of advice is, look down and see what you can capture without showing the slightest hint of grey sky.

This was very much the case with the deckchairs I came across in Italy. We woke up to a heavy storm, the skies were menacing, the trees were swaying and it had rained heavily overnight. The sky was leaden and threatened to inflict us with more of the wet stuff. I didn’t let this dampen my spirits in the slightest and took a walk down to the bathing platform that lay at the foot of the towering cliffs of Sorrento.

The rain had nicely saturated the wooden decking and to a lesser extent the fabric of the deckchairs themselves. I took a low angle on the shot and cut the sky out of the equation. The heavy clouds heavily diffusing the morning light, to provide me with a very even exposure and absolutely no contrast issues whatsoever.

Later in the “digital darkroom”, I edited the image a little bit to enhance the saturation and contrast resulting in the image that you see here.

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