Light: One Word Sunday

I have been following the brilliant blog for many years and she runs a photo challenge each Sunday and this week it is “light” The photo was taken in 2018 when we visited Rome and the shot caught my attention because of the light at the end of the tunnel feel. It is a famous … Read more

Great Cityscapes – Rome at first light

Those early hours of the day cannot be beaten for the subtle hues of light they present us with. It was worth setting the alarm for and leaving the hotel early, as after all they would still be serving breakfast until well after 10am. We could head out, take our photographs and be back in time for some food and coffee.

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Historic Rome – The Pantheon

Setting foot inside the mighty Pantheon for the first time filled me with awe, its size is deceptive, though it does seem imposing from the outside, it strangely feels bigger on the inside. I can’t quite explain this but it might be the vast ceiling with it’s giant aperture in the middle which projects a … Read more