Big Orange Fun Day Website

The Story behind the site

I was recently asked if I could build a one-page website for a fundraising event that is taking place in our town this Spring. The campaign being to raise money for a hospital facility at St Georges (Tooting, London) which has helped a very ill young woman fight cancer. You can read the full story on the site itself.

I have built this for free mainly because my wife knows the family from her school days and that in my mind is as good a donation as any.

It’s given me the opportunity to use some novel approaches to web building. I decided against WordPress etc for this little project. They would have been overkill. Instead I’ve built it as a static site with Roots and Contentful. It is now hosted on the server belonging to one of the fundraisers friends. So we are keeping the costs for this to zero.

So how does this work exactly?

The static content is built using a static site generator and in our case this is Roots which is based on Javascript and Jade templates (these can be swapped out for something else if you wish) and some of the content is dynamic and that is why we use Contentful for that part. The Customer can then update some elements of the website themselves. The build process brings both the static and dyamic content together to generate the site. I could write a feature on this here on as it is quite an interesting concept when compared to traditional CMS/database solutions.

Fingers crossed!

Hopefully it will generate some good interest in the event. It has also got me thinking about how sometimes doing things for free can be highly refreshing, especially when it allows you to try some new techniques without too much risk.


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