Malta 2015

Selection of photos taken in the heart of the Mediterranean


It’s been awhile since I have set up some macro photography and also quite some time since this beautiful Clematis has flowered. Two years have passed and it hasn’t flowered once, not once at all. In fact all 4 of our Clematis plants have been struggling, so to see one of them flowering and the others showing far better signs of growth has been highly encouraging. Have we done anything different? No not at all, gardening can be such a weird thing at times!

The unexpected Swans

I was crouched over my tripod down by the Basingstoke canal, just outside Farnborough where I live, observing some beautiful reflections on the water and an interesting sky developing overhead. I had already taken a few frames when these two swans came over to see how I was getting on. I changed my shutter speed and nudged my graduated filter up a touch in the lens mount, so that I could expose for them as best as I could. I just wasn’t expecting this shot to happen and considered the arrival of the swans as a real bonus. I was a little worried that they would be too dark in the frame but given the fact swans normally over-expose so easily, this shot actually works really well.

I reckon they know me, which may sound daft, mad even, but we often visit this spot during the year and have been watching these two swans for a number of years. This year they had two young, after two years of little, if no success. The cygnets were around and I got a nice shot of them swimming off into the sunset…


The traveling photographer kitbag

I have been pondering over what to take with me to Portugal whilst staying within the luggage restrictions imposed on us these days. It’s really a fine balance between what I need and what I can leave behind.

The toughest decision is which lenses to take for the camera and last year, I think I did alright with this. I packed my 24-70, 30 and 18-200. You may quite rightly ask why didn’t I just take the last one? The answer being that it’s not much cop in low light, so would be of no use in churches etc. I can pack up to four lenses in my bag which fits within the size limits… but weightwise, not so sure.

I am also planning to take my netbook this year, so that I can offload all of my images onto it plus write my blog along the way. Hoping to squeeze it into my camera bag!

The fun of flying!

What do you take with you when traveling?  I’d be keen to know.

Retrospective: Nfolio best rated photos

Nfolio (an old project of mine) will soon see a new lease of life, well as soon as the project gets under way that is. This is the most highly rated photo on the old site. Nfolio attracted a number of great Icelandic photographers in it’s day. This is one reason why I would love to visit the country!