The Spinney

The following short film came to me in a moments inspiration whilst I was out researching a location for both filming and photographing. The light was bursting through the trees in this small woodland “Spinney” and it struck me how beautiful it was.

This kind of shot would traditionally have been created with a camera mounted on some kind of mechanical pulley or rail system. No need for that when you can use a drone. I set my Mavic up to use “Tripod mode” which changes the behaviour of the drone when you fly in a sideways direction to operate at a very steady speed, providing the operator with more control over the smoothness of the resulting video.

I also turned off sharpening in the recording, favouring doing that in post-production. I am liking the D-Cinelike mode which provides for a greater lattitude when editing later.


Red Kites

Red Kite (by Crowning,

Thanks to everyone who has submitted comments on an old post of mine ( about the Red Kite and its gradual spread into the county of Hampshire. The post was the shortest ever posted on this blog way back in 2007 and it has received over 27 comments. I also wrote another post that has received 105 comments which you can read at Continue reading “Red Kites”

Skylarks in February?

When I hear the rising song of the skylark, instant visions of Summer
enter my mind and my spirit is lifted. So I was somewhat surprised to
encounter these wonderful elements of nature yesterday in mid
February. I cupped my hands around my ears and scoured the ground to
see if I could catch sight of any. It took a few minutes and I spotted
a skylark hop out of one furrow into the next, barely flying, more of
a hop in the purest of senses.

I raise the question: is it normal to see skylarks this early in the

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