Autumn is definitely a great time to visit Stourhead and it was busy today when we arrived with scores of photographers traipsing around with their tripods. I on the other hand was quite content with capturing my photos handheld, I rarely use a tripod at the moment. However I do want to get back to using one as the Winter kicks in, so that I can dust off my Lee filters and take just that little bit more time with each shot.

It has been great to see my parents too, we are staying with them for the weekend at their home in Dorset. Stourhead is about an hour from Wimborne, such a beautiful drive up via Shaftesbury and the colours starting to make their appearance across the landscape.

The light today has been crisp and the wind biting. We were all very pleased to be wearing decent coats! I have recently purchased a ‘Rab’ coat which is very well insulated and Tina with her Swedish made ‘Didrickson’s’ long coat. We were well protected from the icy cold wind that is for sure!

Stock photography

I’ve been a contributor to Alamy for some years and currently a very lapsed one at that! I am going to start submitting again just through a simple exploration of my county and its neighbours. I used to enjoy it because it’s different to my day job and it gets you out in the fresh air. Gets the photographic brain in gear as you go on the hunt for eye catching images. Thing is though quite often the simple “editorial” stuff is all that you need to make sales. I’ve done fairly well on sales some years and fairly badly other years. Some say it’s a numbers game, the more you have on offer the more likely you will make sales. Still that said, you’ve got to think like a buyer would think. This photo will work well in a gardening magazine because it shows a set of garden tools propped against a shed. It’s not necessarily the kind of thing you would frame and put in the wall. Think of those magazine pages and the sort of stuff you read on a frequent basis. Continue reading →