Retrospective: Capturing the ambience

Nouvelle Vague tuning up on stage

Professional photography is tough these days, there is no denying that and none more so than in the world of live music. Hundreds of photographers are hungry for images of the current artistes and it becomes something of a lottery in making those much needed sales. This shot was taken with the intention of offering something a little different, not so much for the fact he was smoking on stage, in fact it was at an outdoor event, so I believe that is ok?!! I just loved the fact that the band were doing their own preparation, chatting away in French, setting the levels, tuning up and so on. Some of my peers were getting a little fidgety, quite common, as a lot of waiting around takes place at these events which can be boring – I spent a little time capturing what was going on around me. The light as you can tell was very low, so I cranked up my ISO to 800, kept the aperture wide open and shutter speed around 80th of a second. In these scenarios, noise (or grain in old film parlance is unavoidable) and quality tricky to maintain.


Guilfest is just around the corner and I shall be there again this year, armed with my Nikon and a bag full of lenses. Headliners this year are The Levellers, Blondie and The Australian Pink Floyd plus others acts such as Seth Lakeman, Zucherro and Kula Shaker.

This will be the first time that I will be working independently and not through an agency. All photos will be placed on my other site where they will be purchasable. I am planning on syndicating these out to newspapers and magazines for whom I have contacts for.

Looking forward to it!

Rodrigo y Gabriela @ Guilfest

I got to Guilfest just in the nick of time to photograph the first of the headline acts, Rodrigo y Gabriela who come from Mexico but are now based in Dublin. They are very new on the scene andwere absolutely stunning, the raw energy they were producing was astounding. I have never heard such a great accoustic sound. I think I shall go and buy their album.