South Bank Vibe


What a glorious walk back to Waterloo from the offices of Save the Children in Farringdon. According to my watch it’s just over 3km and that I am now doing both ways.

The best camera is the one in my pocket, my trusty old iPhone 5s. Probably will bring along the Osmo, Nikon or GoPro.

Have toyed with the idea of getting a scooter or something so that I can whizz along. Yes I’m 44 but I’ve seen similar aged people on them around here! I think I’d get some great shots from a GoPro mounted on the handlebars of a scooter. No I’m no good at skateboarding before anyone suggests that!

Makes me chuckle at the thought though. 44 year old guy with a bit of belly caused by many years of cake fondness, hurtling along the bumpy paving slabs. It would WS in bruises and tears.

Have fun!

For the love of photography

I just took a light amble through my media library here on the website and there is a heck of a lot of stuff here in my archives. It is quite amazing really. I should add more and more and more. I am sure there is a load of stuff missing and I may challenge myself to take loads more new photos for these pages. I urge you to do the same 🙂

QUIZ: Can you identify the places in these photos? Ok some of are impossible but I do know where they were all taken!

Jean Michel Jarre

Jean Michel Jarre

It was an utter delight to photograph JMJ last night at Wembley Arena. His music has been a big influence on me since my early teens and including last night’s concert, was the third time I’ve seen him perform live. It was also the first time I’ve been to photograph a gig and stay to watch afterwards. I normally make a hasty exit and head home. This time I didn’t worry about that and edited my shots in the morning. It has been a long standing ambition of mine to photograph this man, since he is such a big pioneer, a huge influence on modern music of all kinds. It also reminded me how electronic music should sound, rich and textured.

Initially we weren’t going to be allowed in the pit which was annoying. However minds were changed and we were allowed in and I chose to go right down on the end rather than grouping together with the guys at the other end. Song 1 was impossible, no light at all, although the laser effects were impressive. Thankfully for songs 2 and 3 he came over towards our end and I got the shots I was hoping for. Working in the pits was a strange moment for me, the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end as the first notes were played. I was also wary of the hulking big light next to me which was very hot. In fact a member of staff politely warned me of this, as if I hadn’t worked it out already.

Jarre isn’t an easy one to photograph, as there is so much kit on stage, he was surrounded by an eclectic mix of synths, some I would guess dating back to the earlier days of his career, especially the Theremin (named after Louis Theremin it’s inventor, Google this it’s history is very interesting). Then there were the more modern forms of electronica such as the Nord range of synths and Jarre’s own personal trademark – the Laser Harp!

It is worth pointing out to those of you who may be interested, that auto-focus is no use whatsoever when you have a fairly cluttered stage. So I shot the whole lot manually which I must confess I do more nowadays and it does guarantee that you get sharp eyes, faces and so on rather than instruments or microphones!

Week 49

I have decided that it may be fun to conglomerate my weekly photos into one weekly post with the exception of a few special events along the way. So with this in mind welcome to the first, Week 49! I do hope I am right in calculating that it’s the 49th week of the year, otherwise I shall feel like a right berk!

So lets see how this goes….

I tend to process my photos on a weekly basis, that is I download them on a day-by-day basis, forget about them unless they are those that need to be dealt with immediately and I find it more fun to process them at the end of the week, especially my photojournalistic stuff. I also find that looking at photos some time later helps me remove them from the event and time I took them, they gain a certain meaning and strength. Hard to explain but I am sure many photographers out there will nod in agreement.

In this post we have a mixture of Windsor, London and Winchester, a good old blend. I highly recommend visting both Winchester Cathedral and the South Bank of London right now. They both have something in common right now, German christmas markets!! They seem to get bigger year by year.



I love cities and especially London and all offer the photographer a myriad of photo opportunities that are truly mind boggling, you could spend an entire life time discovering new material. I do have a penchant for walls of various kinds, be they the moss covered dry-stone walls of the North that have been beaten by the winds for centuries or the red brick walls of London that have no doubt withstood the blitz of the last World War. Walls are almost like faces, they have survived the long story of our human history, the very hand of mans’ influence on our land and how they blend with the natural fabric of the surrounding world. It’s a shame they are after all inanimate, if only they could tell the stories of time that has passed them by. Nature gradually wins back the land we claim from it much like our own bodies. Now I am getting extremely philosophical but my point is, photography can be used to translate this into some kind of context that us mere mortals can decipher.

This is one of the shots I have recently selected for my portfolio, please see the Buy Prints page for the current collection which I am going to be extending over the coming weeks. I am stunned to say that my image library now exceeds 10,000 possibly more than that images in total offline

London – The sights, the smells and lights, lots of lights

[image title=”A random building, sorry no idea where or what it is. I loved the combination of colours.” size=”medium” id=”1501″ align=”center” linkto=”viewer” ]

Heading for London yesterday on the train, a very murky world whizzed past me as I was on my way to visit my Brother Tim. We were planning to do some photography and I had my doubts we would get anything  decent but I kept thinking to myself, that so long as we avoided shooting the sky we would bag some good shots – I just wasn’t too sure what we would get and decided to wait till we started to explore (often the best option!)… Read more

Pick of the Pix!

As the gallery grows, I thought I should pick out some of my favourite shots. Well the ones that I really enjoyed taking, as I love the places that I visited at the time. We have a mixture here that spans all the way from Farnborough to the Cinquentenaire in Brussels and a little bit of Capri, Italy.