The fabulous view that is Newland’s Corner

Newland’s Corner is a famous viewpoint in Surrey and you can read more about it at which also provides some details of nearby walks and other attractions if you are spending a little bit of time in the area. It is one of those locations that I haven’t spent enough time at from a … Read more

Wittering #2

Sometimes it’s worth breaking with the rules and other conventional approaches. I decided to take this shot in a rather odd sort of way, I liked the layers that the pebbles formed, which then passed through the dune grass and translated into the sky. It is a little different!

Wittering #1

This trip earlier in the past week was a tricky decision, since the weather closer to home was not good. The forecast on the other hand was telling us different things, it actually sounded promising. We took a gamble, packed the car with food, ourselves and the full camera kit. Luckily on arrival the weather … Read more

Knowlton Church

[image title=”Knowlton Church, Dorset” size=”medium” id=”2681″ align=”center” alt=”Knowlton Church, Dorset” ]
I always keep a list of locations that I wish to photograph, so that as I travel around it is always possible to stop off somewhere and set up a good shot. On this occasion we were travelling back home from Dorset and were on the road that passes Knowlton church. It just so happened that the time of day was perfect and better still, the light was absolutely fantastic! I could see the church in the distance and the light was glowing off it in a really nice way, so we decided to stop off.

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