Country Lane, Ovington

A week ago Tina and I were driving around Hampshire in the worst weather we’ve seen in ages, it was pouring down and we didn’t want to be cooped up indoors all day. It was really quite dull outside but we hopped in the car nonetheless. We weren’t really sure where to go but decided to head in the general direction of Winchester. The roads were flooded in places and I had to take it a bit easy as we made our way southwards. Storm Callum was lashing Great Britain that day and other parts of the UK really suffered rather badly with widespread damage to property and people.

We at one point decided to turn off the main road to go and find a place we’d seen some time ago but daftly we couldn’t remember the name of the place, was it called Ovington? In fact later we realised it was in fact Avington, we were looking for but in the meantime we got fantastically lost!

We took a turning down this glorious road, it looked stunning even in the constant torrent of rain that was cascading out of the clouds up above. We didn’t stop because I didn’t have my camera on me, plus the dry comfort of the car was far more appealing, however I made a note of the location to revisit. We ended up in Winchester and had some lunch there in a great place called Forte Tearooms.

Fast forward one week and this morning I went back on what has been a gloriously warm day for this time of year. In fact the whole weekend has been delightful.

Side note – I have started putting together a new way of tracking locations and ideas for future photography outings, which invariably end up turning out to be great healthy walks too. I found some more locations today that I didn’t want to forget about, so they’ve been duly noted 🙂

The changing landscape

A classic Tuscany landscape close to val d'Orcia
A classic Tuscany landscape close to val d'Orcia
As a follow-up to my previous post, I mentioned a scene where we stopped to take in the beauty of the landscape, this is the one. We simply pulled up in a lay-by and I took this shot from beside the car. I didn’t use a tripod or any other kit other than the 10-20mm lens on my Nikon D7000. I later tweaked the image slightly in Photoshop to add a graduated filter effect to the sky and middle ground. Since we were lost, I am not entirely sure where we were either!

Wittering #2

An alternative landscape shot taken at Wittering

Sometimes it’s worth breaking with the rules and other conventional approaches. I decided to take this shot in a rather odd sort of way, I liked the layers that the pebbles formed, which then passed through the dune grass and translated into the sky.

It is a little different!

Wittering #1

A dramatic sky descends upon Wittering beach
A dramatic sky descends upon Wittering beach

This trip earlier in the past week was a tricky decision, since the weather closer to home was not good. The forecast on the other hand was telling us different things, it actually sounded promising. We took a gamble, packed the car with food, ourselves and the full camera kit.

Luckily on arrival the weather was great. The air was warm and the sky was changing to look far more dramatic than it did back in Hampshire.

Knowlton Church

[image title=”Knowlton Church, Dorset” size=”medium” id=”2681″ align=”center” alt=”Knowlton Church, Dorset” ]

I always keep a list of locations that I wish to photograph, so that as I travel around it is always possible to stop off somewhere and set up a good shot. On this occasion we were travelling back home from Dorset and were on the road that passes Knowlton church. It just so happened that the time of day was perfect and better still, the light was absolutely fantastic! I could see the church in the distance and the light was glowing off it in a really nice way, so we decided to stop off.
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