Brrrrrrr, a very frosty day!

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Do you live in South East England? Wow what a winter wonderland we witnessed today with the combination of a hoarfrost, freezing fog and a light dusting of snow. The landscape in our local area was transformed into something reminiscent of Scandinavia (some may debate this and accuse me of exaggeration). I tried taking some open landscape shots but had trouble with metering and what I saw with my eyes did not come out on the images I downloaded from my camera. However I tried some close up shots of bracken and frozen brambles!

It was great to get back out there again with my camera and my recent Christmas clothes came in very useful, my very warm roll neck fleece, my excellent new Berghaus coat, thinsulate wooly hat and tipless gloves. You cannot be warm enough, especially when the temperatures are in the minus figures as they have been for quite awhile.

A heavy frost

A heavy frost fell upon our landscape last night and I decided to use what little time I had this morning to capture its effects. I was bowled over by the mist hanging over Windsor Great Park and its environs but cursed myself for not carrying my filters with me, damn, not even a single polariser. I had emptied them out the other day when going on one of those “travel light” trips. So I decided to look down at the ground and besides the sky had started to lose its sparkle, as a very snowy looking veil of cloud started to bleed in and take its place.

In a short period of time I found some frosty leaves in  grass, the bough of a tree and a frozen oily puddle with a stone punctuating its upper corner.

I could have gone on much further but a glance at my watch, the fact that it had dropped to -1 celcius and a warm car with heated seats forced me to call it quits.