Getting to know Farnborough

Welcome to a new series of guides and walks in and around the UK and I am going to start close to home, I live in Farnborough and the town has some really interesting places that you may not know of. You will discover Saxon history and the town’s connections with more recent War Time history and I would be foolish not to talk of aviation!

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January 2010: Week 1

A selection of recent shots (that have already featured on Journog) to kick start 2010. The weather conditions recently have been both fun and simultaneously a challenge, beautiful scenery, poor light has made things difficult though. However I am happy with what I’ve captured and hope that some other interesting opportunities will come up soon. … Read more

Featured Post: Farnborough Abbey at twilight

[image title=”Farnborough Abbey – Twilight” size=”medium” id=”2694″ align=”center” alt=”Farnborough Abbey at twilight” ]
Farnborough Abbey always draws me back. It is only a short stroll from where we live and it has a certain air of austerity about it. Its beautiful and at the same time slightly sinister. Quite why I would find an Abbey sinister, I have no idea but this may have something to do with the Gargoyles that adorn it’s Gothic architecture. You wouldn’t wish to find yourself alone there at dusk!

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