Pick of the Pix!

As the gallery grows, I thought I should pick out some of my favourite shots. Well the ones that I really enjoyed taking, as I love the places that I visited at the time. We have a mixture here that spans all the way from Farnborough to the Cinquentenaire in Brussels and a little bit of Capri, Italy.


The Watt’s Chapel

I never knew this place existed! Thanks to my Mum for giving me the tip off, as we went down there about a month or so ago, to take a good look. I spent a fair amount of time wondering around taking photos but somehow its difficult to do this place real justice.

The Chapel was built by Mary Watts when the original cemetery ran out of space. Mary decided to construct a new chapel within the new cemetery. It’s mostly made out of terracotta and inspired by Mediterranean influences. Its a beautiful building and the interior has to be seen to be believed.