Knowlton Church

[image title=”Knowlton Church, Dorset” size=”medium” id=”2681″ align=”center” alt=”Knowlton Church, Dorset” ]

I always keep a list of locations that I wish to photograph, so that as I travel around it is always possible to stop off somewhere and set up a good shot. On this occasion we were travelling back home from Dorset and were on the road that passes Knowlton church. It just so happened that the time of day was perfect and better still, the light was absolutely fantastic! I could see the church in the distance and the light was glowing off it in a really nice way, so we decided to stop off.
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Pick of the Pix!

As the gallery grows, I thought I should pick out some of my favourite shots. Well the ones that I really enjoyed taking, as I love the places that I visited at the time. We have a mixture here that spans all the way from Farnborough to the Cinquentenaire in Brussels and a little bit of Capri, Italy.


Horton Tower

[image title=”Horton Tower Folly Dorset on a stormy day” size=”medium” id=”809″ align=”none” alt=”Horton Tower” linkto=”viewer” ]

Today we kick off a new series here on the blog that I will be working on over the course of time. I am fascinated by Follies and shall be exploring these fascinating, quirky subjects throughout Dorset and Hampshire. Then much later on the whole of the UK and possibly Europe too…. Now I am getting carried away! Read more