Fishing nets

The eye is in the detail as they say and this is certainly the case when rummaging around fishing ports. Fishing nets, lobster pots, old machines, rusty boats and barnacled anchors all make fantastic subjects. Also a great activity to undertake on an overcast day when the light is more diffuse. Look for patterns that … Read more

The Beach Huts

Just before I went away at the start of this month we hit the coast. I was armed with a light kit comprising of camera, 10-20mm lens, no tripod or filters. So had to make do with what I had and the light too. I was pleased with the outcome of these shots and that lens is fantastic!

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Sepia beachhuts

You can view the rest on Facebook via this public link where I now share a lot of my work online and I will also update the photoblog with the rest later in the week –

Purbeck Gallery

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