It’s Fody O’Clock

Amongst the multitude of wonderful avian wildlife, one little character stands out and that is the Red Fody. A beautiful bright red bird that is about the same size as any British Finch.

The first morning we woke up to a tap tapping sound at the window and were slightly startled! So gingerly I walked to the window, opened the curtains to see this beautiful bright red bird flying against the window. He could perhaps see his reflection in the glass or maybe had found a source of insects climbing across the window.

The people here live in coexistence with nature,they don’t fend it off or even kill it like the original inhabitants of Mauritius would have done (Dodo for example). This means you share your dining experience with the Minah Birds who are quite vocal and may even imitate you which is very funny.

Funny that every morning the Fody wakes me up in time for breakfast. I could almost set my watch by the little guy.

Red Kites in Hampshire (follow up)

Its funny how one very small post I made on this blog earlier this year has sparked off quite a few comments about Red Kite sightings in Hampshire. Thing is this is quite significant and as a member of the RSPB, it is very exciting to see that these splendid birds are living what seems to be a very comfortable existence.

My interest in this particular species goes back many years. Read more