Hampshire Harvest Festival

It’s a wet, cold and utterly autumnal afternoon but we didn’t want to let that stop us and we knew that the Hampshire Harvest Festival is on this weekend, so we hopped in the car and drove down there. Sadly the weather seemed to have put off many people, as there were some good things … Read more

Rotting leaves

Rotting leaves Most shots of Autumn leaves show pristine reds, oranges, browns and muted greens. I on the other hand have been looking for some not quite so pristine images. Autumn is after all about regeneration, the preparation for Winter and the eventual re-birth of Spring but before that can happen, the old materials must … Read more

Pick of the Pix!

As the gallery grows, I thought I should pick out some of my favourite shots. Well the ones that I really enjoyed taking, as I love the places that I visited at the time. We have a mixture here that spans all the way from Farnborough to the Cinquentenaire in Brussels and a little bit … Read more