Getting started with Google Search

How Search Works

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  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Serving search results

Be descriptive

Titles should state the intention of the page and focus as much as they possibly can on one subject. If you have multiple topics to write about, break them down into separate pages and link them together instead.

Be complete

Cover all of your bases in each page, so verbose writing is more likely to be found than text which is a little vague on the chosen subject.

Be Topical

Take into account the change of seasons, trends or new offerings. So make sure content you want to be found in the Autumn, such as a photography workshop in the Cairngorms that features Autumn Colour is more prominent. So maybe you'd like it to be listed towards the top of your homepage for better visibility.

Keep it fresh

Ensure time sensitive content is deleted if it is no longer relevant, such as events passed. Keep the current and forthcoming events as high as you can on any list you maintain.

Text is best

Remember that text is always best for the content you want indexed. Images, animations and downloadable files are very unlikely to be scanned, unless the clever clogs at Google have ways of doing so!

Get referrals

Speak nicely to other website owners to persuade them to link to your site but make sure there is some kind of relevance across the board.

Measure your performance


How many times your site has been seen by someone searching on Google


How many times someone has clicked a search result link to your site

Average Position

The average position of your site in search results with number 1 being the top spot