It seems hard to believe that just outside of modern day Reading is a site that remains relatively unchanged by time and mankind. That place is Silchester, which dates back to the Iron Age where the Romans left their mark, much of which survives to this very day and is surprisingly well preserved. The Roman wall that surrounds the site is pretty much still complete and is one of the finest examples in this country besides Hadrian’s wall up North.

It has long held an allure for the Lewis family and strangely I’ve never lived far from it. The go-to location for many a dog walk, that I strongly believe the ghosts of our dogs walk alongside those of the Romans, purely because all of our canine friends loved it there as much, if not more than we did!

In terms of photography, there are many options around there and now with the added dimension of aerial views thanks to our drone.

Take for example the tree I photographed back in July this year.

The summer version

This past week I returned to take the same photograph, expecting the tree to be a syrupy gold but alas, it has gone well beyond that stage and now looks quite stark and forlorn. Next I hope we have some heavy frosts or even snow this winter. If we do, I shall make a beeline for this location, so long as the roads aren’t too dangerous to drive.

The Autumn Version