We found our way to Funchal's colourful Santa Maria where walls and doors are adorned with colourful pieces of art ranging from the sublime, to the surreal. It was a baking hot day and the mercury was gradually climbing up into the 30s. So we had decided the narrower streets around the older part of the city would be ideal to keep a bit cooler. So that is where we decided to head.

I remembered reading about Rua de Santa Maria and the artists work along the street and how it had been drawing in the crowds. I am sure I read all about it on an-flight magazine en-route to Corfu a couple of years ago. I had registered it away in the corner of my mind for a future trip. So it was exciting to find it and it got the photographic gears going, even on a hot day but we were really getting our teeth into Funchal, finding things.

I can recall having a welcome swim at the hotel when we got back there some time later.