Normally we visit RHS Wisley a great deal but this year it has been not so easy due to Covid. Like so many great places, they remained closed for many months until the Summer arrived and the lockdown eased. We have only been twice this year, so this was the third time and yesterday we booked a slot first thing for today. There weren't many slots left, so we were lucky.

The light when we arrived was not great, the sun had gone in and a blanket of grey cloud enveloped the sky. The colours of the garden though were still very appealing and I was finding that my wider shots just weren't really working. My eyes were deceiving me, leading me to believe that the light wasn't flat, however studying each image on the LCD camera screen, told me another story entirely.

So I decided to swap from my 24-105 to my 70-200 in order to take more cropped, abstract, detailed shots. I find it is a great lens for isolating details in certain scenes.

My editing habits have changed a little bit of late. I used to saturate too much but the colours at this time of year are more muted, as the world becomes less saturated and I have recently tried different presets in Lightroom. I have begun creating some of my own (almost).

Learning to take control of your editing tools is way more rewarding than reaching for the wallet to buy LUTs. Sometimes I aim to recreate colour as I recall it. I strive for authenticity versus artistic license. Occasionally the latter wins me over.