Building a NodeJS Server on Azure


  • Visual Studio Code (VSC)

  • NodeJS & NPM

  • Azure App Service Extension

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Connect to Azure from within VSC

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Login to Azure account via the icon that appears on the lefthand side of VSC.

Creating the application locally first

We shall use a quickstart method to get up and running

Introducing the Express scaffold generator

Launch a terminal and navigate to the folder where you keep your code

npx express-generator myExpressApp --view pug --git

This provides the next steps for you and these should be:

cd myExpressApp
npm install
npm start

Then go to localhost:3000 in your browser and you should see this:

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Time to deploy it to Azure

First of all open the new app project in VSC

code .

Click on the Azure extension and then click on the blue "up" arrow You will be given a choice of folders, select the one related to your current project. Select create new web app Select Node LTS Provide a globally unique name for your app, mine was "nicks-test-nodejs-app" for e The system will then go away and begin creating the new "app service plan" for you which will take a little while to complete You are then prompted whether you want to update your workspace config to run build commands on the target server.... YES YES to "always deploy the workspace...." After a little while you will be notified of completed deployment and then BROWSE WEBSITE to see your new web app running

That's it, what next?