Mdina #1

It has been a awhile since we were in Malta visiting my Brother and his family. Finally I have had a little bit of time to go through my photographs and share some with you, including this one of Mdina.

We really love Mdina, it has to be one of the World’s gems, it is an amazing old city, the former capital of Malta before Valletta took it’s place. It is a paradise for photographers, turn every corner and you will find a photogenic street or building. It is packed with charm and no visit to Malta is complete without spending some time there.

I shall share some more soon 🙂


I’m wondering if anyone else knows where January went? I feel like I missed it, I’m sure it was here yesterday? Maybe I left it somewhere? Anyone seen it?

I’m only half joking, never known a January to zip by so fast! It was also one of the coldest that I can remember in a long time with frequent frosts. I pretty much had to scrape my windscreen daily. I’ve been setting off at 6:30am each day for my current contract assignment in Leatherhead, setting off in the dark and returning home in the dark. However today it stayed lighter a little bit later. 

We’ve had a fun month though. 

Two weekends ago, we went to see the West End show “Stomp” which we both loved and I could watch it again, it was clever and I would say simple, yet it isn’t when you consider how ingenious the whole production is. The timing, the choreography and sheer energy that erupts on the stage was mesmerising. The cast have no lines, no songs, meaning that they instead channel all effort into making things you’d normally take foregranted, entertaining and sound great. Who would have thought that old washing basins full of water would sound great? No me neither! The Stomp cast made them sound like beautiful percussion instruments!

Moving over to

I am starting 2017 by moving from being self-hosted on Digital Ocean to a new life on The reasons being are:

  • My current server is vulnerable and I keep having security issues with it
  • I like the whole Calypso interface that WP.COM has here
  • I am moving more and more to a world of micro-services and APIs with a lot of the other sites that I am developing


My brother and his wife live on the beautiful island of Malta and the last time we were there we were introduced to one of their friends, Andrew who is a member of a Tripfolk band called Etnika. Tim sent me the link to their Bandcamp page. I listened and I am hooked. In fact listening to the album again as I write this…

The link is:


Old blog posts bubbling to the surface

I really like it when someone comments on an old blog post of mine as someone did today. In 2007 which was nearly a decade ago now, I wrote about something I really care about, the spread of Red Kites. 

The Red Kite was reintroduced to the Chilterns about 20 years ago and their numbers have multiplied. Not only that, they have spread out pretty much across the South of England. 

Every now and again I get a comment against this old post that someone has spotted a nesting pair or some other useful nugget of information. I think this is brilliant. 

It makes blogging worthwhile. Now that woeful never happen in Facebook would it?!

The reason our site has been going down

I have just read the following article and I urge all WordPress owners to do likewise. Take a look at as this explains why we have frequently run out of memory…. I shall be putting this into practice and writing more about it later, as this is a critical issue for this site. I was originally blaming Digital Ocean for these issues but that would now seem not to be the case at all!