What I am doing now

August 6, 2020

In general

Contracts & Freelance

Currently working part-time for a digital agency and filling the rest of the time with projects of my own such as my ongoing course writing and other things. So please contact me if you need me for projects.

Website updates

My website nicklewis.net is to become what is known as a Digital Garden, so will be less blog and more like a Wiki. essentially less diary and more documentary.

  • Guides section is based on a template I took from somewhere else and will in fact work very well for my photowalks section. So the name Guides could be re-named as such.
  • Would be great to check whether paths in the file and folder hieararchy convert to well to website paths?

What I am looking at for this site

What would convertkit offer over other similar tools? I quite like Substack but then I keep chopping and changing on it's theme all of the time which I want to avoid in the future.

Digital Gardens

Here are some other things I've seen and read about that I will split out onto their own pages at some point but want to capture them here.


Some stuff I've seen on Leapers recently that sounds interesting...

  • Footprint coffee


Reading material



Article ideas

  • Editing this site using my iPad Pro exclusively!
  • Sanity vs Markdown


Churches Project

I am a freelance web developer, content creator and photographer, who is on a mission to help businesses and individuals build solutions for their online world.