Lets get the year started

January 3, 2020

Hope you all had a great Christmas break? I am writing this 2 weeks before you will see this post, as I've been taking advantage of some time to plan ahead for my Write52 articles this year. I have begun to write 52 headings and each one is going to focus on ways of running modern websites, the CMS tools, the strategies to follow and some tips on blogging itself. I will also talk about freelancing and contracting, the trials and tribulations of running a tiny Limited Company here in the UK. One thing I need to get my head around is IR35 for example which is why I am going to switch to more freelance work and less contracting in the future.

So that will be my pattern for all Write52 articles during 2020, a fresh start, a bit of a reset.

However I will also be writing some more technical stuff too, taking a deeper dive into the things I do for a living, professionally. However life should never be all work and no play, which is why there will plenty happening on the photoblog section of this site and I will be collating some great walks for everyone to get outdoors and blow away their cobwebs via my other blog, the "Rambling Photographer".

So as you can see whilst my brain has begun to relax and unwind, it has turned it's attention to a little bit of "planning ahead". We all do it. We all like to try out something different each year but I do shy away from "New Year Resolutions", I never keep them, do you?

I feel like I'm ready for this. Let's get cracking!

I am a freelance web developer, content creator and photographer, who is on a mission to help businesses and individuals build solutions for their online world.