I hadn’t flown the drone in awhile, not since July and when we headed for the Isle of Wight last week, I took it with me and a visit to Freshwater Bay led to this awesome opportunity. Photos are above and the video I produced is on YouTube and available for you to watch below!

I have recently started to use Da Vinci Resolve 16 as an experiment, as I’ve struggled to settle on a video editor that I absolutely love. So far my favourite is LumaFusion that I use on the iPad.

Music is by the brilliant Ian Post, the piece is called “New Land” and so that’s the title I gave the video...

Will I do more of this? Hell yes! Expect more articles on this site that are part photo essay and part video presentation. I enjoy the editing process as much as I do being on location, taking in the sea air and the vistas - No actually the last bit is much more fun but anyway.

Enjoy! Please comment below, I need more comments!