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Campania and the city of Sorrento

Campania, one of the Southern regions of Italy, just above Puglia and Calabria in the far south (the shin of the leg if you like!), is home to some of Italy’s greatest treasures. Pompei, Herculaneum, Amalfi (including the breathtaking “Amalfi Drive”), Capri, Naples and the list goes on. This gallery contains a selection of images that I’ve taken of the region over the course of more than one trip. Sorrento features heavily since we stay there each and every time we visit. Sorrento is a city that never seems to take much of a siesta, as it’s lifeblood is tourism and offers some beautiful hotels with possibly some of the greatest views in the World. Sorrento is hard to beat and the reason this photographer writing this stuff, loves it. Oh and my wife loves it too! If I have missed anything, well I’ve not been to it yet and I’m sure we’ll be back there again – Mine’s a cappucino please!


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