Originally this page started life as a blog post but since I’ve changed the format of the site to being more in depth on its topics, less about self as it were. I’ve adapted it a bit!

Two years ago in fact I purchased my current camera and the gallery here kicked off with a series of twilight images taken around Farnborough to test out the Sony A7Riii's low light abilities and experiment with some different ideas. My socks were displaced from my feet should we say, Sony have set the benchmark and that’s not changed since.

Apart from the technology one of the areas I return to a lot for my photography, is the old heritage area of Farnborough or its aviation at least. It’s here where airships and many benchmarks were set for enabling us to travel far and wide; plus not to forget, to fight and win battles from the skies. We have a lot to thank Farnborough for.

Photo walks

I am excited to announce that we are going to begin running photo-walks as of September 2020. They will start in September and hopefully be quite regular across many locations. If this is something of interest to you, please follow the contact link at the top of this page, fill out the form with your details and I shall keep you informed of what the plans are.

Dates and times

Since the location is easy for me to get to, I can run the walks most evenings and dependent on the weather of course. I will update this page with more details very soon.


I’m happy to run with 1-6 people at a time which is going to be especially important this year with the Covid-19 restrictions in place.


We start at the Balloon Hangar and the walk also finishes there. Parking is a bit of a problem nearby but there are public car parks close. The distance we cover on the walk is not far because we will be concentrating heavily on the historic buildings around the site.


Hour max due to Covid-19 but this is subject to change

Weekend Special

If we run a walk on a Saturday we can take advantage of a visit to the FAST Museum and the Cody Pavilion too...