Learning List

August 7, 2019

Purpose of this page

As a developer who does a lot of contract and freelance work, I spend a lot of my time training myself, not just in learning new skills but improving my actual approach to learning, which led to the conception of this website. The purpose of this particular page is to maintain a set of notes covering the key areas for that ongoing learning process. I hope that you find it useful too or perhaps it will encourage you to do a similar thing - collate your own list, hone your skills on what matters the most.


  • Node's latest developments
  • Machine learning and AI - such as website chatbots and so on
  • Electron
  • Sanity.io
  • Refine my VueJS skills further by writing about the framework and developing my own set of courses for other people to learn from
  • Gridsome and the plugins available
  • Headless CMSes, how they can be used with this site and my customers
  • ReactJs
  • JS/ES6/ES7 ongoing learning and refinement
  • Tailwind

That is a bit of a short list for the moment, there are other ideas I'll chuck in here soon!


Ways to get better at the following

  • Newsletters
  • Analytics
  • SEO
  • Affiliates to monetise


  • Flash photography
  • Studio photography - I want to make more use of the gear I have
  • Astro photography (which I have never done)
  • Intentional Movement
  • Macro, especially plants and insects
  • Automated drone flight
  • More video
  • Lightroom alternatives


This page will be updated frequently. Why not create a list like this and put it on your site, it will help not only you focus your experimentation time better but may also inspire others to do the same, please share your lists via the comments below, I am eager to know what other people are learning. Need not be code, it could be a foreign language, sport or other skill.