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July 19, 2019

Drone Photography - let's do it!

I am in the process of writing longer posts for this blog, not perhaps in terms of word counts but in terms of time taken to produce each one. Each time setting myself a mini-project or a goal in terms of the content I am after for the post. So this is why many articles on this site may be written in parallel, as some of the ideas I have for each one of them will take time to complete.

Take for example this post, I am setting myself the challenge to gather as many photos and short video clips that were taken with my Mavic Pro drone. Some will be "classic" drone shots, such as those where you fly to 200 feet or more (respecting the 400ft/120m maximum of course), point the camera straight down and take a photo. Then there are other shots that at first glance could have been taken with a camera on a tripod with the exception of the fact the camera is hovering above water, looking back at the shoreline where you are standing waving back! Only possible with a drone. Love them or loathe them, they have opened up a whole new world of creativity.

So let's set the number to a dozen different locations, each one including something a little different.

Please note all locations must and will comply with the "Drone Code"

Give me a hand and make suggestions via my Twitter account @nicklewis, this article is in draft at the moment but as I gather some ideas together, I shall go and see what I can photograph. No silly suggestions (such as Gatwick) please!

Location 1: Shipwrecks

Aerial photo of Shipwreck at Warsash, Hampshire

Aerial photo of Shipwreck at Warsash, Hampshire


Question: Does anyone know...

I am now rather keen to explore intertidal zone with aerial photography and footage ideas, something which goes back to when I was watching the briliant Channel 4 series called "Britain at low tide" which also introduced me to CITiZAN, they made use of drones to fly out over terrain too risky for people to set foot upon.

My question to you really is, know anywhere that you'd like to see filmed/photographed from the air especially if it is a shipwreck?

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