• It's been awhile since I last worked with .NET and I am going back to it (a little bit)

Some years ago, probably about 5 I got into JS and from that point onwards through no real choice of my own I stepped away from .NET into JS frameworks

Now there seems to be a demand for full-stack people who know .NET and one of the many front-end frameworks/libraries

How do I get back into .NET having not worked with it for awhile? Surely I can remember it all? Well not quite plus things have moved along a lot to

Where to begin? Sometimes it is literally a case of doing just that, starting!

Let's see where things are at, so at the time of writing

.NET MVC or .NET Core?

  • C# -> I could do with finding a good book on the topic that summarises the language ASP.Net MVC Vue.js Web API

  • Do a search on Google for ".net mvc vuejs web api" looks good and worth trying out using the Surface

  • currently reading the excellent book on .NET Core 3.0 and C# 8.0 by Mark J Price, published by Packt (who are great). It's easy to read and has taught me some new things already plus refreshed my memory of countless older stuff