Cove Brook runs through much of Farnborough in Hampshire and recently whilst taking a bike ride, I decided to follow along part of it's adjacent pathway. I had heard through the grapevine, ok I am showing my age there, I do of course mean Twitter or maybe it was Facebook; Anyway someone had shared a photo of the flooded Brook. Naturally I went to have a look.

This morning it's still very high but it looks as if the levels have dropped back down a little bit. Blunden Park was looking very water logged.

It's looking very healthy nowadays, as for many years it was neglected and had become riddled with so much litter, it was quite a shocking place to walk along. Not so these days; a group of dedicated volunteers have been working very hard to keep it looking great. I might start visiting it again more often, it's a very pretty little stretch of water.

I want to see how much of it you can follow along at some point in time. My brief research shows that it starts in the midst of Southwood park and it ends where it makes it's confluence with the Blackwater, in fact not all that far from Blackwater itself.