Jazz Club

Jazz Club


Nick Lewis Net


  • [] planning content for the rest of this month -> CoSchedule the editorial calendar


  • [] Facebook bot for our site and a new greeting -> other bot options and Slack yeah!

Fixes & changes

  • [] pick up on the issue where I am seeing all of our articles that haven't yet been completed
  • The footer with my mugshot in it needs to be at the bottom of each page
  • How I am going to revamp the home page for this site to bring new blog content to the fore

Learning material

  • [][pro-blogger 31 days](build-a-better-blog-in-31days)


  • Journalling my experiences with Gridsome and VueJs for building this site
  • write about my plans for a tutorial series on jamstack website development and photography, two separate courses obviously
  • complete the roundup article


  • How I archive my images and use Lightroom to manage this

    • Make this a screencast on Nicklewis Digital YT channel
  • Going back to photography not shared on this site
  • This coming weekend I am going to pick somewhere to go for photography

Notes from ProBlogger

  • castos.com/problogger for podcasting!!

    • podcast motor are partnered with coschedule which is handy
    • mics - audiotecnica USB based - popfilter - boom that attachs to desk
    • software - skype and zoom. Audacity
    • hosting - castos - simplecast.com - libsum
    • script or bullet points
    • cohosts?
    • launching?? itunes, spotify, apple podcasts, google play, google podcasts, stitcher, youtube
    • start with my social media and website audience
    • ask people to share with someone else
    • mailing list
    • gridsome RSS
    • how many episodes to record before launching?

      • 5 episodes
      • gives you a month to begin recording episode 6 and beyond
      • episode 0 - what will the show be about, how often, thursday evenings
      • first two episodes should perhaps be different?
      • Links - verbally guide your listener to a page on your site that is unique
      • Facebook groups are great
      • check out 7 days to launching a podcast
    • Location: Tintern
    • pretty things yummy food

      • Canva
    • Stefano (photographer/web dev)

      • amazon afiliate links
      • build a business around JAMStack
      • "the internet needs our content"
      • International start a blog day!
      • problogger.com/podcast/episode/274
    • problogger FB group and share my blog there!!!

      • watch first episode where the password is revealed
    • integrate Insta somehow
    • why I no longer use Wordpress?
    • recent stock photography sales
    • change the life of your readers
    • Tina and I could produce a podcast rather than a youtube video, easier to get going
    • Import content from Wordpress using a source plugin
    • Should put more of my images up on the home page,as right now it is all a bit hmm
    • being a contractor
    • https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40181133/delete-a-vue-child-component

    • Tailwind (not the CSS tool but the marketing tool?)
    • Rowansims.com of Digital Photography School's blog

      • consider pinterest
    • Why FB is bad for your blog
    • share more videos on my site
    • Composition: Compose/recompose - the first angle may be ok but think again, pause and lok deeper
    • Is it now harder to find photos compared to the "old days"?
    • Contact Crunch regarding offboarding Tina in Sept/Oct

      • Can I operate without a co-director or company sec?

        • Can I therefore switch Divs to %100?
    • Compare chatbots, alternatives to facebook :-)

      • Coding challenge, here is how it turned out

        • Netlify functions, since this site is hosted on Netlify (add these items to my content section)
        • Dialogflow (add these items to my content section)
        • Slack (add these items to my content section)
    • Google has indexed a lot of my incomplete pages which is a problem - how best to solve?

      • also there are many old pages indexed that may need to be 301ed and/or re-written and re-published
    • Magnet pages as mentioned on problogger, already do this under the content folder

      • idea sparked by the above, this would work well for FG
    • TFOP

      • Phone photography

        • Focos App
        • Diptych
        • Hipstamatic
        • Snapseed
        • See full list via the show notes on the website
        • Find Eimar's website IG
    • Mind blown! Love the kidney transplant ladies blog episode: 261: "turning left for less"

      • Need to put the transplant diary on new site
      • Perhaps I should write the occasional link articles to peoples blogs like turn left?
    • I should put my Crunch article blog post on evergreen reblog wotsit coschedule
    • Update Dad and Vic on their Google ranking for the past month
    • Table Tennis blog by Tom (problogger)
    • content - hope to gather these all in one place

      • blog -> /blog
      • photography -> /photography
      • learn -> /learn
      • explore -> /explore
      • services
      • Three tips

        • messy first drafts
        • stand behind your ideas
        • write the way that you talk
        • find someone to critque

          • reminds me we could run critqiues on this site ;-)

https://moz.com/help/moz-pro/links/opportunities and BuzzSumo -[] Join Buzzsumo https://moz.com/blog/category/link-building

Ep. 156 Swipe Files - copywriting

Look up on problogger how to blog with no niche but multiple areas of expertise

Divided up mailing list based on photography, code and places