I am trying something different with the blog,partly because of time comittments and so on, I have decided to write these as monthly journals covering everything from what I am doing professionally as a consultant and contractor to my photography outings, it will be easier that way plus I can make these posts a bit longer :-)

Business updates

Contracting at Clearbox

Still going strong, project approaching release and I love Vue JS

This website and new Content

Building content for the JamStack

Food and Drink

The Gin Club

Gin Club ![My photo taken for Twitter the other day of my Gin Club delivery]{} @craftginclub (check tjhis is right)

Manly Spirits from Australia

some things made with it etc


Cambridge in September

Forest of Dean & Wye Valley this Autumn

Heading for South Africa in 2020


RHS Wisley

Tina walking towards the entrance at Wisley The first weekend of August, a Sunday morning we arrived early for breakfast and we took a walk around the new entrance hall, food hall, shop, garden centre and of course the gardens themselves. Read more about Wisley here...

Links of the month

The Craft Gin Club