Through the woods

We were excited the other day to discover a whole set of new trails in the woods just between Farnborough and Aldershot and just next to Runway’s End, see below for exact location:

Obviously the woodland has been there for a very long time and up until now was not really been accessible, plus you could never be sure if the Army used it at all for training and that kind of thing. The local council have been hard at work and have laid out a fantastic set of trails, all signposted and there are well placed benches. It sure is going to be a place that we shall visit often.

I went back yesterday on my mountain bike  for a second visit and took the DJI Osmo camera to see what I could get and to try out some experimental filming techniques and I was pleased, very pleased with what I got.

You may be forgiven for thinking that I flew my drone through the woods in some of these clips! Well I didn’t, although I have tried that before in a more remote woodland, but that is another story. DJI took the camera and Gimbal from their Inspire range of drone aircraft and well maybe best to watch the official DJI video…

It is an amazing piece of kit and after a few issues with audio and what have you at the start, DJI have been quick to address these problems through firmware releases and so on.

So whilst the camera is super stable, I mean ridiculously so, the one thing it doesn’t “iron” out are your footsteps, especially if like me, you are heavy footed. I have found the perfect solution for this, capture video from your mountain bike, especially if like mine it has excellent suspension. I was able to capture some superb footage as a result which does look like I am flying through the woods.

I think I shall do more of this in the future, it is healthy for me and my footage!


The music is this video is by Kevin Macleod, an American, New York based composer famed for his royalty free pieces of music that are available through YouTubes audio library for example. You can find out more about him via his website


Knowlton Church, Dorset

This footage was taken last year and the weather wasn’t it’s best, however at least it was dry and the winds were very light. It was also very quiet at the time, just my Dad and I. He is absolutely fascinated by the drone and every time we head down to visit, he asks me if I have brought it along!

Knowlton Church is managed by English Heritage and you can read a lot more about it on their excellent website. The history is fascinating, you really should spare a few minutes to read about it.

Flying wise that was the last time I recorded anything worthwhile, as the weather here has not been great for flying until Easter weekend when I took it out for a spin. I am chomping at the bit to go and film a few locations this year, all of which will be here in the UK, as we have ruled out taking it to Malta with us in a month’s time. I am considering taking it to Portugal later in the year though, as there are more open spaces there, mountainous regions where we should have no issues flying at all. The trouble with Malta is it’s size, built up’ness (if that’s a word?) and the fact that the airport is never too far away. My Brother advised against it because I suspect he and his guys may have tried before and were warned off – “You can only fly here if you have a permit!”

Talking of which I am hoping to go into the Farnborough Airshow this year to visit the Drone Show and learn more about signing up on a RPAS course and to become CAA Certified meaning I will be able to invest more money in drone filming as part of my overall services with this company, it should open up more doors for us and I can build up the video side a bit more…. in the meantime however, watch out for more Osmo videos on good old Terra Firma!



The Giant God

Just thinking of something to write here on the blog and I recalled something incredible that we saw in Mauritius. I can remember how bowled over we were when we first spotted the giant statue of Shiva, the Hindu God. It was very awe inspiring and then I remember that I was driving “Jimmy”.

Earlier that day I had decided to call the quirky hire car Jimmy and I have no idea why. It may have had something to do with Richard Hammond once calling a car “Oliver”. It may also have something to do with me being a bit… Well… Bonkers.

I almost took leave of my senses but turned into a parking area before I ended up crashing into the people in front who were also gaping in awe at the seriously ginormous statue. We could have ended up as a great big pile of cars had we not been careful. Insurance companies perhaps using the clause….. “Act of God”?

If you visit Mauritius make sure you visit Grand Bassin which is near the Chamerel Falls and the Seven Coloured Earth. Not only will you see the giant Shiva but you will also get to explore a beautiful and tranquil spiritual site. 

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Bembridge Windmill

We had a lovely time this bank holiday weekend. We spent the best part of 3 days with some great friends of ours on the Isle of Wight. 4 families got together. Tina and I stayed in our tent on a camp-site, some other friends in a chalet on the same site, some others in a hotel in Sandown and our hosts live there in the village of Bembridge. We did a lot of stuff despite mixed weather which was to be honest fairly typical of May bank holidays here in the UK!

All weekend I promised everyone to show them my Phantom 2 Quadcopter but for the best part it was very windy or raining. So finally just before Tina and I were due to head home, the weather calmed down but was still rather overcast. Our hosts Lisa and Ian suggested that we could go and fly over by Bembridge windmill. A short flight in the end did happen and we had quite an audience watching us…. thankfully no anti-drone people at all. I tend to find that out in the rural parts people really seem to like them and I get a lot of positive interest in it wherever I fly it.

Here is a video for you to enjoy!