Throwback Saturday

Normally “throwbacks” are for Thursdays but I only thought of it this morning. Have you seen how the blossom is coming along in your area? It’s still a bit early but whilst syncing my WordPress media library with Lightroom these past two days. It’s taking awhile, I’ve 10k photos in the collection and way more … Read more

Moving over to WordPress.com

I am starting 2017 by moving nicklewis.net from being self-hosted on Digital Ocean to a new life on WordPress.com. The reasons being are: My current server is vulnerable and I keep having security issues with it I like the whole Calypso interface that WP.COM has here I am moving more and more to a world … Read more

Merry Christmas!

I would like to wish you all a very happy and fabulous Christmas holiday. Don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to getting my teeth into 2017 and to keep the blogging spirit alive 🙂

Quick post! I am an Uncle!

What a week it has been and a beautiful one too. My dear brother and his wife officially became parents. Baby Izobelle was born on the 29th. We shall get to meet her for the first time over Christmas when we fly out to Malta on Boxing Day. To say we are excited about the … Read more

The Apprentice

No. Not the TV circus that features Alan Sugar! I’ve taken on an apprentice, his name is Dan and he is a family friend. We’ve known his whole family for some years. Really nice family too.  Dan wanted to do something with computers, and when we heard he was looking to do an apprenticeship of … Read more

Surrey Sculpture Trail, RHS Wisley

September is the month of the sculpture trail. Tina and I have been to see it for the last 3 years without fail.  This year, it is as fantastic as ever. I share some of my favourites here but there are nearly 100 in total, maybe more, it is massive.  What’s more, it leads you … Read more

Times gone by

Ryde on the Isle of Wight is a town that has nearly stood still. Every time I go there, I feel as if I have stepped back in to another era where a younger Nick would have been building sand castles, looking forward to a stick of rock, swimming in the sea no matter the … Read more

The Shard

Over the weekend Tina and I visited the Shard and it was utterly incredible. I swear we could see our house from up there if we looked hard enough some 35 miles to the South West! The Shard is over 800 feet in height or at least the viewing point is that high up. So … Read more