Maltese Door #1

Despite it’s size, you can get lost in Valletta which may seem daft in such a small city but it is packed with imagery. As a photographer, artist, writer, tourist or indeed inhabitant, you feel like you never leave, for Valletta becomes part of you, it is compelling, it is like that person who you met once but can never get out of your head. I think perhaps it could be it’s timeless charm? The warmth of it’s people? I am not sure but I do love the place.
Valletta would appear to have some of the most interesting doorways I’ve seen in any other part of Europe and pretty much all of those doors are adorned with the most exquisite brass knockers. Dolphins are popular for one plus there are other symbols, such as lion heads.
Does anyone know the meaning of these things? Please do post a comment if you do?!

Frozen landscape

A drive around the countryside between Crondall, Farnham and Bentley, somewhere around there at least, we found ourselves turning down one lane, then another and another. Crikey are we that far out of the way, we’ll be in Winchester before we know it. The roads were getting more and more dicey, the further we ventured … Read more

A retrospective of my work: Concerts

I am currently going through my previous work in preparation (and hoping) to join the new Alamy Archival/Reportage service. I am already a contributor for their main library but am very interested in supplying reportage in order to open up some new opportunities for my freelance photography work. Anyway I’ve filled out the form, so … Read more

Wittering #1

This trip earlier in the past week was a tricky decision, since the weather closer to home was not good. The forecast on the other hand was telling us different things, it actually sounded promising. We took a gamble, packed the car with food, ourselves and the full camera kit. Luckily on arrival the weather … Read more

Windsor Castle Royal Tattoo

Meow Gallery: The gallery is empty.

It was not until last night that the term “horsepower” really meant much to me, other than being the essence of regular BBC Top Gear parlance. I was blown away by the sheer power of the marriage between man and beast, as the Household Cavalry charged past my lens. In fact I wasn’t expecting them to be that close and had it not been for a sturdy fence, one slight step forward and I would have been, well, very dead should I say. I also imagined for a moment how terrifying it would have been for any enemy facing this brute force. Especially if you had been dismounted in battle. Foot soldiers are all very well but put one, no let’s say a hundred on a horse each and you have a proper army. I would beat a hasty retreat if I saw them charging over the horizon.

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