The Lizards of Funchal

Way back in 2019, we flew to another part of the World, some of you may remember that kind of thing and by jove I look forward to doing so again once it is 1000% safe to hop on an aircraft again. Good news I have found a whole load of photos that I haven’t … Read more

Meon Shore

I am digging into my archives again for this one. I have just setup the brilliant LR/WP plugin for WordPress and have begun uploading some previously unpublished photos. Last year, would have been late Summer we visited the closest locations on the coast to where we live and this particular spot is on the Hampshire … Read more

Peregrine Falcons at Chichester Cathedral

Meow Gallery: The gallery is empty.

A breeding pair of Peregrine falcons have this year raised four young on the rooftop of Chichester Cathedral. I have good reason to believe that the pair have raised a total of 30 young whilst they have been in residence at the Cathedral. I spent the afternoon there with the RSPB and a group of other people, all with scopes and cameras trained on the rooftop.

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Great Bustards

Yesterday Richard Peters and I took a trip down to visit the Great Bustard Project in Wiltshire, armed with cameras and big lenses. We had been warned that our chances of seeing any Bustards this time round were limited and therefore we didn’t have high expectations. However this didn’t dampen our enthusiasm in the slightest, as wildlife photography is more often than not dictated by chance and dependence on some expert knowledge.

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