1010|420 New images have been added of the Hampshire town, Petersfield. To view them simply go to http://nicklewis.net/stock/keywords/petersfield and click on the “simple slideshow” link under any one of the thumbnails to flick through them. Note the clever friendly URL feature I have now added, you can substitute the word “Petersfield” for any keyword you … Read more

Tell us about what makes Hampshire great!

I am planning a new project (entitled “A Year in Hampshire”) that will be dedicated to Hampshire over the course of 1 year. I am interested in hearing about wonderful places, people, traditions, annual events that really sum up Hampshire and truly reflect a year in this wonderful county. If you have any suggestions, please … Read more

Future Farms at Martin, Hampshire

433|480 How bizarre just seen Martin featured on BBC’s South Today. I visited them about 3 years ago whilst doing the photography for a feature for The Countryman magazine. I drove past Martin a little while back and wondered how they were getting on. I have just found out that they are doing very well … Read more

SWAPPS Museum, Lasham

101|10085|10087|10089|100 91|10093|10095|10097|100 99|10070|10075|10079|100 Tucked away in the heart of the Hampshire countryside is Lasham Airfield, one of the top locations in the UK for gliding. Right next to it is a fascinating collection of old aircraft at the SWAPPS museum.

Titchfield Haven today and catch you soon!

I went down to Titchfield Haven today and was a bit worried at first as the weather was very grey when I woke up this morning. It picked up a bit by the time I completed the 45 mile journey from home but it remained mostly grey which isn’t ideal for photography. However the sun … Read more

Farley Mount, Nr Winchester, Hampshire

Standing atop a hill is a rather peculiar looking building which somehow blends in with its surroundings rather better than you may imagine. The pyramid shaped folly dominates Farley Mount Park which was named after the “Horse Monument” itself. An inscription on the North Wall reads: “Underneath lies buried a horse, the property of Paulet … Read more

Do you live in Farnborough?

Thats Farnborough, Hampshire, England just in case there are any other Farnboroughs out there? In fact if you live in another Farnborough, please tell me about it anyway, I am interested!! Back to the subject… As part of our forthcoming exhibition we need to know some facts about farnborough, if you happen to know some … Read more