St Swithuns

[image title=”St Swithuns” size=”medium” id=”1797″ align=”center” ]
You can walk underneath St Swithuns Church and not know it’s there. Yes, “under”, for this church forms a walkway between two buildings over a street in Winchester. It is for this reason that it appealed to me as a photographer, an intriguing location that just had to be explored.

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Inspired by an exhibition

[image title=”Waiting for a ferry” size=”medium” id=”1991″ align=”center” ]
Portsmouth, Gunwharf Quays – 1/80sec at f / 5.6, 30mm (45mm), RAW, ISO 1600 (auto), D300
The exhibition I went to on Saturday was all about the spaces we inhabit, the people we share those spaces with and their interaction with their own environment. I took this photo after the exhibition but didn’t realise until later that this image must have been inspired slightly by it.

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Colour saturation

[image title=”nlp_1692″ size=”medium” id=”1993″ align=”center” alt=”Portsmouth fishing nets – 1/250 sec at f/11, 30mm (45mm), RAW, ISO 1100 (Auto), D300″ ]
Portsmouth fishing nets – 1/250 sec at f/11, 30mm (45mm), RAW, ISO 1100 (Auto), D300
The auto ISO feature is quite intriguing, ISO 1100, hmmm, never considered that one before but the colour looks good, the detail is fine and the histogram looked finely balanced too.

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The beauty is in the detail

[image title=”Portsmouth Cathedral” size=”medium” id=”1997″ align=”center” alt=”1/200sec, f2.8, ISO 1600, 30mm (45mm), Nikon D300″ ]
Portsmouth Cathedral – 1/200sec, f2.8, ISO 1600, 30mm (45mm), Nikon D300, RAW
If you read the post that I wrote on Saturday, you may have already seen this image but during the course of this week I shall be picking out individual shots taken from our trip to Portsmouth and writing about them in depth…

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Portsmouth: Exhibition and more time to enjoy the D300

[image title=”Waiting for a ferry” size=”medium” id=”1991″ align=”center” ]
We have just returned from spending a fantastic few hours in Portsmouth. We attended an exhibition, I took some shots with the D300 (see above click on thumbnails to view slide show), we did a little shopping and even looked for somewhere to eat. Our attempts to find somewhere to eat were a distinct failure as everyone else had the same idea and were all taking a mid afternoon lunch.

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Brrrrrrr, a very frosty day!

[image title=”nlp_68171″ size=”medium” id=”1959″ align=”center” ] Do you live in South East England? Wow what a winter wonderland we witnessed today with the combination of a hoarfrost, freezing fog and a light dusting of snow. The landscape in our local area was transformed into something reminiscent of Scandinavia (some may debate this and accuse me … Read more

Przewalski horse

We quite literally stumbled upon two of these horses on Sunday. We had gone on a walk along the Basingstoke canal and I spotted a path leading off the main path and I typically decided to follow it. TIna followed me and we came across the horses. Tina had some time ago told me about … Read more

Housing Developments

Many of us will be well aware of the current economic problems the country (world even) is facing, the housing market is changing, prices are coming down but not only that far more people now rent in the UK than ever before. Many more housing developments are therefore shifting their emphasis from encouraging people to … Read more