Meon Shore

I am digging into my archives again for this one. I have just setup the brilliant LR/WP plugin for WordPress and have begun uploading some previously unpublished photos. Last year, would have been late Summer we visited the closest locations on the coast to where we live and this particular spot is on the Hampshire … Read more

Emsworth skies

Today’s photos are from my archives as I’ve barely touched my camera this year so far. Though I have been using my iPhone quite a lot. In between November and Christmas 2020 we were able to venture a bit further from home and since Emsworth is about 40 minutes from our house, we headed there. … Read more

Frozen landscape

A drive around the countryside between Crondall, Farnham and Bentley, somewhere around there at least, we found ourselves turning down one lane, then another and another. Crikey are we that far out of the way, we’ll be in Winchester before we know it. The roads were getting more and more dicey, the further we ventured … Read more

January 2010: Week 1

A selection of recent shots (that have already featured on Journog) to kick start 2010. The weather conditions recently have been both fun and simultaneously a challenge, beautiful scenery, poor light has made things difficult though. However I am happy with what I’ve captured and hope that some other interesting opportunities will come up soon. … Read more

Featured Post: Farnborough Abbey at twilight

[image title=”Farnborough Abbey – Twilight” size=”medium” id=”2694″ align=”center” alt=”Farnborough Abbey at twilight” ]
Farnborough Abbey always draws me back. It is only a short stroll from where we live and it has a certain air of austerity about it. Its beautiful and at the same time slightly sinister. Quite why I would find an Abbey sinister, I have no idea but this may have something to do with the Gargoyles that adorn it’s Gothic architecture. You wouldn’t wish to find yourself alone there at dusk!

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