This site is now back up, kind of…

I had to rebuild this site on Sunday, as a virus was reported to me by my hosting provider. So as a result of this, things aren’t quite normal here but most things should work though. The banner images aren’t mine, they are the standard photos out of the box with WordPress. I will gradually … Read more

What’s going on?

Recently I haven’t ventured all that far from home, I have been busy with my contract work for Rubicon who are based only 5 miles from Farnborough (home). I haven’t had all that much time for personal projects but have been beavering away at some other things besides contracting that shall be making a debut … Read more

New hosting customer: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan

  How he came to us for hosting I am very pleased to have Tommy Ga-Ken Wan on our web server. I didn’t build this website, another guy designed and constructed it using Flash some time ago. Until now the site had been hosted elsewhere but Tommy approached me asking if I could host his … Read more

New website: Splext

Today we launch a new website into the fold http://www.splext.co.uk for DubStep producer Splext. We got the site online in time for a launch party taking place tonight, as they launch a new single…. Please take a look at the site to find out more! Splext have now taken control of their content and are … Read more

Digital SLR: Share your passion

Today I received my copy of Digital SLR magazine which features one of my articles. It is all about one of those things I absolutely love – sharing photos online, getting feedback from other people and becoming part of that big global community out there. It is not the first time I’ve written articles, I … Read more

Remain Nameless

Thanks to all of the girls and boys of Remain Nameless and their families for being such great fun at today’s photoshoot. Your photos are now ready to view!

Red Kites

Red Kite (by Crowning, www.crestock.com)

Thanks to everyone who has submitted comments on an old post of mine (http://nicklewis.net/2007/10/18/red-kites-in-hampshire/comment-page-1/#comment-3569) about the Red Kite and its gradual spread into the county of Hampshire. The post was the shortest ever posted on this blog way back in 2007 and it has received over 27 comments. I also wrote another post that has received 105 comments which you can read at http://nicklewis.net/2008/05/22/red-kites-in-hampshire-follow-up/

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