Urban Fabric 002

Night mode unleashed in my second instalment of Urban Fabric

Cover image

Our second post for the Urban Fabric project isn’t quite so abstract as the last one (ahem I can bend the rules if I want) but it was taken with the night mode feature. My current phone is not the brand spanking new model, I haven’t upgraded from my iPhone 11 Pro Max as it cost me an arm and a leg barely a year ago. In any case, I edited the image using Darkroom on my Mac, choosing to convert it to a very inky black and white. It’s a superb app that I plan to use a great deal more and explore it’s advanced features.

I especially love the detail in the tracks and the way that they fade out into the inky darkness of the night. So this is an appropriate image to end the year with. It’s been quite a journey hasn’t it? No end of year review from me I’m afraid or perhaps you’ll be glad to read that!

New Year’s Eve

We are of course staying in but going to eat, drink and watch random Netflix content lol! I strongly suspect we shall hit the sack long before midnight comes. A very subdued evening compared to our usual endeavours I have to admit.

Hope you all have a good evening though!

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