The iron church was built in 1883 as the instigation of the Rev. Alfred Ceasar Bishop M.A. (the rector of Bramdean) in order that the commoners, charcoal burners and gypsy itinerants who used Bramdean Common were able to attend a church.

The Reverend's widow endowed the church when she died in 1893 to be held in trust. It is for that reason that the church is now the responsibility of 3 trustees and the current rector, who maintain it through support of a charity set up in it's honour.

I have recently been talking to one of the Trustees in order to ask if we can take a look inside and to learn more about it's history. Delighted to say he was more than happy and suggested we attend a service if we wanted or if not, we could get in contact to organise a private viewing. So will definitely be taking him up on one of those offers at least!